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Evo Tea Teatox - A natural formula to reduce weight

Evo Tea Teatox is an all natural and herbal formula made for people who want to lose weight but in a natural and effective way. It is rendered safe for use as by people who have used it and has shown many quick results over some time. In the current age of increasing popularity of detox, or ‘Teatox’, Evo Tea is gaining much popularity mainly because of its safe and effective use. Since it is a relatively newer product as compared to other Teas previously used, it has no known side or harmful effects reported till this date. However, it should be used within the limit and be made sure not to overdose on since it has caffeine which can be harmful for use.


Promotes and Maintains macronutrient metabolism
Increases energy level, able to focus, and mental alertness
Increased rate of metabolism helps to burn fat
Helps to improve digestion

How it Works

It has many effective ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, dandelion, peppermint , which are very safe and effective for weight loss, without causing any harm to the body.
All of these ingredients help to burn extra fat and increase the rat of metabolism in body, so more calorie is burnt. It also boosts energy levels, so that you may remain act and mentally sharp. It improves physical performance as well. Many macronutrient’s metabolism is increased which helps to elevate protein buildup and metabolism of glycogen.
Caffeine also stimulates brain to improve concentration, memory and mood.

Clinical Studies – Research

Until now, no particular clinical research has been conducted for Evo Tea. It still lacks some clinical evidence based on its use. It’s safety has not been established yet.


Green TeaIt has Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG which improves health conditions. It also has caffeine to increase metabolism and L-theanine to reduce anxiety

Peppermint – It helps to reduce appetite and cravings, and also improves digestion. Also, it helps to reduce anxiety, so no one suffers from food cravings or overeating.

Vitamin B6 – It helps to reduce weight in a process known as gluconeogenesis, when glycogen is turned in glucose. This leads to production of high energy levels. Also, thyroid function is improved to speed up rate of metabolism.

Biotin – It boosts metabolism, and breaks down foods to smaller particles, so that it does not turns into fat and stored.

Caffeine It acts as a stimulant for not only metabolism, but also to burn fat and calories. This leads to better mood and energy levels.

Horsetail and Dandelion Both of them are diuretics that will help to excrete out water along with toxins accumulated in body.  

Direction of Usage

For quick results, drink 2 cups of EvoTea Teatox in a day. Just add a bag to a cup of boiled water, and infuse for around 3 minutes. The suitable time to drink the tea is between your main meals, like mid-morning and mid-afternoon

Just add the bag to boiling water, stand for 3 minutes, cool and drink it. You can also add ice if you want to drink it cold. Drink at least two cups in one day to aid weight loss and improve health conditions. Try to change your diet to a healthier version and add some exercise in your routine as well, to guarantee long-term benefits.

Side Effects

It may have some side effects due to stimulants such as Caffeine and Green Tea. Generally, there should be no side effects if used in a normal manner, well within the limits, since caffeine when overdosed can cause nervousness, irritability and insomnia. Do not overuse it as compared to what was required. Also, if you are allergic to caffeine then avoid it. Since it is a new product, no side effects are well known, so consult your physician before using. If you are pregnant or nursing do not use it. Also avoid EvoTea if you are under 18 years or of older age, or currently on some medication as it may interact.

Final Verdict

Since this is a natural and herbal formula, there is no harm in using it. There is no such chemical used in this tea mixture. But the main concern is that it has no established safety limit. It is very well used for losing weight, burning a great deal of already accumulated fat in body. Caffeine can also lead to better mood and energy levels which can helps in improving overall mental performance as well as alertness. However, as stated before, it should not be overused, since there is no guarantee about the safety. Many clinical studies are to be conducted before a firm result can be established for it. So before starting on EvoTea Teatox, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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