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A Perfect Brain Stimulant Green Coffee Bean Max

With the increasing age of technology, people are becoming lazier. This has led to many increasing problems, such as obesity and many other problems. What is scary is that obesity is one of the major causes of deaths since it gives rise to many other health and heart problems. Individuals have an increased risk of multiple organ failure, leading to collapse and death.

One of the most desirable remedies is to use natural and effective methods, since it has no harmful effects of its own. People often look up to buying some supplement or a herbal formula that will not cause any toxic effects since that can be very harmful to the body. Out of many options developed Green Coffee Bean Max is a supplement that is prepared from natural products only and has no preservatives or artificial material.

Green coffee beans are nothing else but coffee beans that are not roasted. They are naturally green in colour and are filled with antioxidants and some therapeutic compounds such as Caffeine and Cholorgenic Acid. Cholorgenic Acid is one of the main ingredients that cause the weight reduction and appetite control. Due to this effect, it is mainly used in supplements to provide users with a weight loss effect combined with appetite control which helps cure obesity.


  • Helps maintain Blood Sugar in normal levels
  • Bolster the metabolism rate
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients
  • Helps reduce the process of aging
  • In the long run, it also helps to prevent the cause of Cancer or any harmful effects
  • Decreases the absorption and uptake of glucose by the body, which also helps to maintain Diabetes
  • Lowers blood pressure levels in humans especially those suffering from hypertension
  • Chlorogenic acid also performs its functions as an antioxidant 
  • Effective on its own, does not require any fad diet or exercise

How it works

Green Coffee Bean Max ensures that glucose in body is used effectively and in appropriate way. It also has thermo-genic properties and helps to reduce weight loss, and burns the unwanted stores in body.  Antioxidants help to trap free-radicals and help with not only weight loss but also slow down the aging process.

Clinical Studies/Research

Many studies have been conducted on Green Coffee Bean Extract, most of them being Randomized Controlled Trials, which are the most genuine trials in humans and animals.
30 obese subjects were chose and used supplement for 12 weeks. They were divided in two groups, one consuming regular coffee, while other had Coffee with the Green Coffee Bean Extract. No individual converted their diet or increased their physical activity. The results showed weight loss with supplement up to 11.9 Pounds or 5.4 kg. The percentage of body fat was decreased by 3.6%, while only 0.7% was reduced in the former group.


It contains the following ingredients:

Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg – It is very effective in promoting weight loss and causing less cravings and hunger pangs

50% Cholorgenic Acid – It is a natural compound, which has hypotensive or blood pressure lowering effects. It is also used as a natural laxative

Caffeine (Less than 5%) – Caffeine is a stimulant, and is derived from a plant. It has a protective effect against heart diseases or Parkinson’s disease. Overdose can cause irritability, insomnia and disturbance.

Vegetable Cellulose – Cellulose is a form of fiber, which can be found in vegetables also.

CalciumNo Filler, binders or artificial ingredients were used.

Directions of Use

Green Coffee Extract (GCE) should be taken in the following recommended dosage depending upon the concentration of supplement:
1,200-3,000mg for a 10% chlorogenic acid supplement
600-1,500mg for a 20% chlorogenic acid supplement
240-600mg for a 50% chlorogenic acid supplement
The supplement should be used daily; and no change in diet or a vigorous exercise is required.

Side Effects

Based on the results of a limited amount of research, this supplement is termed safe. No serious effects have been observed until now. It is not safe if taken in a large amount, since caffeine present in it can cause sleep disturbances, nervousness and restlessness, problem in digestion, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate, and many other effects. People allergic or pregnant woman should consult a doctor before use.

Final Verdict
Green Coffee Bean Max is a very suitable option for people wanting to lose weight without any extra effort. It can help burn fat and the best part is that it is free of any harmful effects. Users can make use of it without worrying about the side effects of it. It has proven to be effective just on its own. So use it and expect great benefits and overall improved health without worrying about any adverse reactions or situations. 

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